Gordon Ramsay calls HexClad

We saw the problem with traditional cookware options and created a new type of hybrid pan unlike any other

For decades the cookware industry lacked innovation. HexClad changed all that.

That’s why we decided to reinvent premium cookware. HexClad’s patented hybrid cookware brings together the performance of stainless steel, the durability of cast iron, and the convenience of nonstick. The result is cookware that performs to Michelin chef standards, with the cleanup convenience you need at home. Now you can unleash your potential in the kitchen without limits.

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Message from our founder

At HexClad, we strive to create cookware that empowers home cooks and restaurant chefs alike to be their best and most confident selves in the kitchen. Our patented Hybrid Technology combines the searing performance of stainless steel, durability of cast iron, and convenience of nonstick to tackle any culinary task. I wanted every piece of HexClad cookware to last a lifetime, which is why it’s backed by a lifetime warranty. I want it to be the last piece of cookware you ever buy. 

Thank you for considering HexClad and happy cooking! 

—Danny Winer 

Co-Founder & CEO, HexClad Cookware

Our History


Avid home cooks Daniel Winer and Cole Mecray–frustrated with the options available on the market–decide to disrupt the cookware space. After scouring the globe, they discover a miraculous new manufacturing technique able to marry the durability of cast iron, searing power of stainless steel, and convenience of nonstick.


The partners drained their savings and retirement accounts, maxed out credit cards, and took out loans. They assembled packages of HexClad pans in their backyards and drove around their small towns, hand-delivering them to customers.


People noticed their attention to detail, and the buzz began: California design; laser etching; high-grade Japanese nonstick coating; diamond dust. These pans were works of art. Suddenly, HexClad was the fastest-growing cookware brand in America.


Scrolling through Instagram one day, 22-time Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay spied HexClad. He tried them out, was smitten, and joined the brand as a partner. He now uses the products at his restaurants around the globe and in his portfolio of TV shows.


HexClad has sold $500M in cookware, is available in over 30 countries worldwide, and is on its way to unicorn status.

HexClad Vision and Promise


Non-Stick Hybrid Technology.


Excellent temperature control


Easy care (oven & metal utensil safe)


Easy cleaning (dishwasher safe)


Free from toxic coatings


Lasting durability (lifetime warranty)